Welcome to HUSNA (HAJJ UMRAH SERVICE OF NORTH AMERICA). HUSNA specializes in offering Hajj and Umrah travel packages for the North American Muslim pilgrims. We have helped travelers from across America and around the Entire North America to fulfill their duties by exceeding their expectations for a well-planned, well-executed Hajj travel experience.

Hajj travel is supervised, organized and managed by Our well experienced team, Our team has great amount of knowledge of Hajj and Umrah rituals. We are into this holy businss since past eight years. Prior to each Hajj trip, we conduct in-depth educational & interactive Hajj seminars prepared for those who intend to make Hajj and for those who want to attain a better understanding of the rituals and other aspects of Hajj and Umran travels.

Throughout the entirety of the Hajj package trip, question & answer sessions are held every day to ensure that everyone's concerns are addressed. Most definitely, knowledge and understanding of the experience you are about to endure while performing Hajj or Umrah is the key aspect stressed.